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Community Safety

Community Safety Coalition is a growing group of individuals, groups and organizations who have come together to work collaboratively to create a safer and supportive environment for everyone, especially youth who are disproportionately impacted by community violence.


Our initiative provides a range of resources and services including Safe Passage, community conversations, healing circles, mental health first-aid certification training, and school and community-based prevention and the Better Choices intervention programs created for vulnerable teens who may be influenced or impacted by community violence.   Healing Circles are a respice and safe space for conversations and experiences that facilitate hope and healing.  Mental Health First Aiders training is offered to those who participate in the Healing Circles and desire to become  prepared to support their families and those in their network.  This nationally certified training empowers individuals to recognize mental health crisis and non crisis situations.  First Aiders are able to assist others.  Like other first aid training they do not treat or diagnose illness, but they are prepared with the knowledge and training  to recognize, understand and  better support their loved ones and community.


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